Teeth Whitening

Is there anything better than a bright and white smile?  How lucky we are to live in a time that cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening can provide us one in so little time and at such an affordable cost.

Teeth Whitening is not just for the young, either, as many older Americans are working longer and finding that whiter teeth can give them a more youthful appearance. This has to be an area of dentistry that people find fascinating and not at all frightening- whiter teeth in about an hour.  Is it right for you?

Will Teeth Whitening Work for You?

The prime candidate for teeth whitening is someone who practices good dental habits, does not have overly discolored or sensitive teeth, infected gums or a bridge or crown in the front teeth.

What to Expect

Most dental teeth whitening involves protecting your gums and lips, applying a whitening gel followed by a light source to whiten your teeth.  The procedure takes just a little over one hour and pleasant for most patients.  You can close your eyes and listen to music or watch television while you wait.

The end of the appointment usually finds your teeth 5- 10 shades whiter than you began with.

This is one dental procedure that can be perfect for both the younger and the older generation.  A modern fact of life finds more people working longer than ever before, and a whiter and brighter smile gives a more youthful appearance.  If you have a job interview coming up, regardless of your age you will want to put your best smile forward.

A simple call or e-mail today will set you up for a consultation to see if teeth whitening is right for you.  We will be happy to explain your choices and their respective costs.

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