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At our office, we pride ourselves on perfectly mingling professionalism, personality and compassion. Integrating the latest technologies into our practice helps patients fully understand all their options, including the use of intra-oral cameras and digital x-rays.

We think it’s the best way to run a dentist office. Our many patients agree.

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"Excellent visit. It was easy to communicate and comfortable with close interaction and no pain. Friendly office with professional staff"


"I am certain that the reason for my lack of swelling/pain/discomfort is your high level of skill. You are very good at your craft – thank you."

"My dental visit was very good. The person that cleaned my teeth was very professional and kind. Great dental office.."

Bob P. Sr.

"I am very pleased to tell you that I woke up this morning with zero swelling and essentially zero pain/discomfort. Given that this was less than 24 hours after you extracted my tooth, drilled into my jawbone, and “installed” (with a torque wrench) a titanium implant in to my jaw I was truly amazed."

"It is amazing to me after 60 years of ill-fitting dentures and dentists who didn’t seem to care, that I can now eat an apple and chew it - even the peel. Thank you and your staff for your patience and kindness."

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